Muscle strength testing and its Role in Comprehensive Patient Care

Muscle strength testing and its Role in Comprehensive Patient Care

Introduction Muscle strength testing, a pivotal facet of modern healthcare, lay open a profound understanding of our physical capabilities. From the simplest gestures to the most intricate movements, our muscles orchestrate the symphony of human motion. Within this intricate symphony, an assessment of muscle strength plays a critical role, offering insights into a patient’s muscular … Read more

Cervical Manual Muscle Testing: A Guide to Neck Muscle Assessment

Introduction Cervical manual muscle testing is a fundamental component of the motor examination, allowing healthcare professionals to assess the strength, functional capabilities, and range of motion (ROM) of the neck muscles. By conducting manual muscle testing, clinicians can identify muscle imbalances, weaknesses, or dysfunctions that may contribute to pain, restricted range of motion, or impaired … Read more

Manual Muscle Testing: Test the Strength

Manual muscle testing

Manual Muscle Testing Manual muscle testing (MMT) is the procedure of evaluating the strength of muscle individually or a muscle group. Simultaneously, the performance of the muscle against the resistance of gravitational force or manual force applied by the therapist is also evaluated. The movement is performed by the person actively. MMT is also referred … Read more