Hamstring Strain Grades

Hamstring strains are among the most common injuries affecting sprinting and explosive sports athletes. These injuries occur along a spectrum of severity that is classified by a standard 3-tier grading system. Properly evaluating hamstring strains based on grade is crucial for guiding appropriate treatment, rehabilitation, and informed return-to-play timelines. Anatomy and Function of the Hamstring … Read more

Hamstring Injuries in Athletes

Hamstring Injuries are prevalent injuries across sports. They can sideline athletes for weeks or months, causing frustration and loss of identity. This blog provides critical information for athletes seeking to prevent hamstring injuries, rehabilitate strains, and return to sport safely. Hamstring Anatomy and Function The hamstrings are a group of three posterior thigh muscles: semitendinosus, … Read more

Why Are My Hamstrings So Tight and How Can I Get Relief?

Do your hamstrings feel uncomfortably tight, limiting your ability to move freely and causing aching pain? For many Americans, stiff, shortened hamstring muscles are a common problem stemming from various causes like posture, inactivity, sports injuries, and underlying conditions. Read on to understand why your hamstrings get tight, how to identify symptoms, and most importantly, … Read more

Physical Therapy for Scoliosis: Understanding the Options and Benefits

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with scoliosis, you likely feel overwhelmed navigating treatment options. While bracing and surgery are often first-line treatments, incorporating physical therapy into the treatment plan can provide immense benefits. Read on to grasp the concept of scoliosis. Learn how physical therapy manages symptoms and progression. Explore techniques … Read more

Transverse Myelitis: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Management

Transverse myelitis is a rare acquired, auto-immune, spinal cord disorder. In TM inflammation of the spinal cord occurs, which is characterized by rapid onset of weakness, sensory alterations, and bladder or bowel dysfunction. It can be cured, mostly patients recover completely if treated well. The maximum recovery occurs in 3 months and some patients have … Read more

Lower Back Pain: Cause and Fix

Is your lower back acting up and causing you trouble? Have you been dealing with this pesky pain for quite a while now? Are you seeking to understand the underlying causes of your lower back pain? Are you seeking effective ways to alleviate and relieve your lower back discomfort? Nowadays, many people suffer from low … Read more

Finding Relief: The Why’s of Lower Back Pain and the How’s of Physical Therapy

Are you suffering from a low back ache? Have you been experiencing persistent lower back pain? Are you seeking to uncover the underlying cause of this discomfort? Do you yearn to liberate yourself from the confines of lower back pain? Nowadays, many people are suffering from low back aches. Introduction Low backache, also known as … Read more